Thursday, May 10, 2007

Andrew Dobbs is sorry

From Texas's own Burnt Orange Report:
I am sorry. I apologize for ever suggesting that the Iraq War was ever justified, wise, good, well-intentioned, properly carried out or otherwise acceptable to a free and decent people. I am sorry for trusting habitual, unapologetic and brazen liars in this administration and in the government that let this atrocity occur. I am sorry for suggesting that the war could be won, that opponents of it were weak, unprincipled, unpatriotic or anything other than the sacred conscience of our nation. I am ashamed of my former position and I renounce anything I said on this blog, in organs of the right wing press or in any other forum where people would read my words. My only comfort is in knowing that I am simply not a good enough polemicist to convince anyone of the absurdities this war requires one to believe in order to support it....

I think that my position was probably the result of one part concern, two parts immaturity, three parts optimism and about 10 parts self-deception. I was concerned that my father was going over there with a private military contractor. I did not want to believe that this was simply an imperial adventure being fought with mercenaries and desperate young people. I think that my father’s work—as a trainer of Iraqi police officers—was a noble one, but I have seen the damage it did spiritually to him, and the futility of his work and of the whole exercise. I was too stupid to realize I was being lied to by my own government, and too naive to be anything but hopeful that their absurd schemes would work out. It was easy to deceive myself, and I am glad that it happened, as I hope it will be harder to have the wool pulled over my eyes again.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been buried under other things for a while, landscaping, work, many new books, new aquariums, a big supply of New York Times and USA Today newspapers, some game days, a PC that killed my last post ....

My last post even mistakenly ended up here and was commented on so I'll leave it. State Supreme Courts have already ruled that requiring voter IDs unless they are available free are back door illegal poll taxes, Matt. Nothing to do with motor voter acts.

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