Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lou Dobbs tell Christians to stay out of politics

At least when they promote immigration reform and criticize him.
Dobbs doesn’t understand that compassion is not amnesty, and that reforming an unworkable system is not simply flinging open our borders. But then, he long ago stopped being a journalist, and is now one of the leading advocates against comprehensive immigration reform.

He also doesn’t seem to understand that most people now believe that bringing our faith into public life is not undermining the separation of church and state. As I’ve said many times, where would America be if Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had kept his faith to himself? And on this issue, given a choice between Jesus and Lou Dobbs, I’ll still choose Jesus.
In other religious news, prison officials refused to honor a prisoner's last request to make his last meal a pizza and give it to a homeless person. So good-hearted people had over $1200 worth of pizzas delivered to homeless shelters.

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