Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hospital bed handy for Gallegos, Texas government

Mario Gallegos had to risk his life to keep phony voter ID bill from passing. He had a hospital bed set up in the Texas Senate offices as his body appears to be rejecting his recent liver transplant. Only his vote could stop the GOP from requiring all voters to present photo ID when voting, a measure designed to knock off a few seniors, minorities and handicapped from voting Democratic.

The courageous lawmaker explained his actions here, his grandmother is one person who would lose her right to vote if the Republicans had their way.

As the session winds down, thankfully there will be no voter-ID bill. There will also be no Texas early primary, no to numerous pieces of good (moratorium on toll roads, extending the time on hospital death decisions) and bad (most things the Republicans promised their voters) legislation as the GOP is unable to effectively govern Texas and the House teeters on a Speaker revolt.

A party that campaigns against government should not be placed in charge of government.

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