Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pass the Popcorn - Dictatorship and anarchy in Texas House

House Speaker Craddick proclaims himself dictator and refuses to recognize House members as the two House Parliamentarians resign. House members were calling for a vote to ask the Speaker to vacate his office. Contrary to apparent House rules Craddick refused to recognize the motions and made a number of other actions not recognized by Robert's and the Texas House rules of order.
Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick, clinging to power in the face of a rising mutiny, sparked a firestorm in the House chamber Friday night when he asserted absolute authority to cut off any moves to boot him from office.

Within two hours, House Parliamentarian Denise Davis and her assistant had resigned.

And Craddick used his newly declared power all night.
Anarchy in Texas Capital.

Texas House falls into Chaos.

Texas reporter blogging. At least one bad bill dies due to the anarchy. Texas conservative Christians won't think so, on an illogical and apparently badly written bill promoting Christian free speech in schools.

Keep up with Austin chaos here.

My comment - typical GOP disrespect for the rule of law. Christians can't expect any sensible government or laws out of a party that campaigns on hating government. Molly Ivins would have loved this demonstration of our elected Texas fools and clowns in action.

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