Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bias and hate crimes

Pandering to a bigoted base, Bush threatens to veto a new federal hate crimes bill. The argument against the bill is that it is a mistake to punish people more for the hateful reasons they committed a crime instead of just for the fact they committed the crime. Sorry, many of our laws our based on intent. Does Bush want to start dismantling all of them? This opposition to the bill seems simply designed to appease the people who see nothing wrong in promoting hate and see no harm in bashing gays.

Don't expect consistency from conservatives. The other day I flipped through the hate radio talk and listened to some who without the slightest notice of their hypocrisy were attacking the media, mostly ABC News, for broadcasting stories of the people who patronized the DC call girl ring. They were defending those who had sex with prostitutes and saying their names should not be released. You see, it would harm a great many families. This was the same gang of idiots who were morally outraged by Clinton's hanky panky. One has the feeling the media personalities know a number of names on the list and they are not Democrats. Dennis Prager, who has very close connections to the DC GOP leadership, was the most outraged at the media daring to expose those who like their women bought and paid for. Much like the Aids czar at the state department, he seemed to be protesting a bit too much about prostitutes and the johns who use them. But that might just be him, Prager also said he was not outraged at congressmen hitting on young male pages, child predators. Based on his web site, he saves his attacks for Democrats and liberals - accusing them of being immoral scum but gives a pass to any conservative Republican.

Dennis Prager: “The liberal elite ridicules religious conservatives as being superstitious primitives, but it is actually the other way around. It is the left that believes in superstitious nonsense, and it is called ‘socialism’. Yet they criticize those of us who believe in God. The fact is, Uri Geller was in this studio and I personally witnessed him using the power of his mind to bend spoons. He says that he is tapping into the power of God, and I saw him do it, and I know that it is real. If the left is critical of that, it just goes to prove again that the difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals are emotional and conservatives are rational.” That certainly proves something all right.

Andrew Sullivan: The President should be ashamed.


Matt Bramanti said...

Intent and motive are close, but they're not quite the same thing.

Lets say you have two instances of beatings: in one, the assailant is motivated by robbery. So he jumps a guy, pistol-whips him, and steals his wallet.

In another, the assailant is motivated by some sort of bigotry. So he jumps a guy, pistol-whips him, and scrawls an epithet on his forehead.

Same intent: beat a guy.

Anonymous said...

This legislation would protect against crime on the basis of sexual orientation. NOTE: sexual orientation does not only mean protecting homosexuals. It would protect straight people too.