Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Weekend - looking back on an Iraq timeline

As we reflect this weekend on over 3400 soldiers lost fighting the wrong war in the wrong place against the wrong enemy for the wrong reasons and while making more enemies and the world a worst place for America here is a review of the Iraq war.

I am now telling people if they have been wrong for over four plus years on this war to STFU, just shut up, you are no longer entitled to have your silly-assed opinions listened to. This knocks out most of the so-called-liberal media and about all of the false macho scaredy-cat Republicans weeping crocodile tears. It especially includes the President and Cheney. Our Alamo in Baghdad.

CIA issued dire warnings before Iraq invasion.

Our troops are dying for this lying incompetent SOB? Have a nice weekend Republicans, you don't deserve our soldiers dying for you and for our liberties you mock and for our democracy you shred at home. Try to come back to reality soon and drag your President with you.

Meanwhile, Edwards offers support plan for troops while GOP candidates wrap themselves in the flag. John Edwards: A Strong Military for a New Century.

1967: "If we quit Vietnam, tomorrow we'll be fighting in Hawaii, and next week we'll have to fight in San Francisco."

Added - Rep. Murtha voted yes for the supplemental "for the troops," but says by September there will be the votes to end the war. We'll see, right now I don't think the Democrats have the votes to stop this lying crazy administration if Bush and Cheney attacked Iran tomorrow to "protect our troops." Murtha: ""We have lost 418 of our fellow Americans since the president announced his surge, and come September, with your help, we can convince my colleagues from across the aisle that enough is enough. For almost two years, I have tried diligently to redeploy our forces from Iraq, and I will not stop now."

As Democrats Collapse on Iraq, NYT/CBS Poll Finds Public More Antiwar Than Ever.

Now that it has won a temporary political victory, reports are that the White House plans major troop cuts next year.

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Anonymous said...

OH, I feel the same way sometime. It really was obvious to me in 2002 that the war was a mistake (and I made sure to tell my congressman this in person).

I do not consider myself anti-war (although I have pacifist tendencies). But Americans were just complacent; they just went along with whatever their president was telling them. Even the democrats were afraid of being accused of not being patriotic.

Journalists and new media types and intellectuals knew about this sham. It was so obvious! All you had to do was stay moderately informed!

politicians are followers, not leaders. It is rare that they take initiatives. Gore did sometimes, and even Kerry did once in a while. Political courage comes with international experience. the question is which leader on the field today is capable of that?