Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reasoned political discourse

Can be found here at The NonSequitur. Unreasoned political discourse is found on the radio. Driving yesterday afternoon I couldn't find anything but ignorant Republican clowns and the discourse was simply dismissing all opponents as unpatriotic traitors.

My particular sore point has been KTRH AM 740's move away from reasoned news and opinions. But KTRH made a business decision that hiring people to create arguments on the radio is cheaper than hiring news reporters. They could actually be worse, they haven't closed down their news room entirely and the majority of their shows are local and are not usually extreme right wing nut. Like CNN Headline News, they are trying out personable but ignorant guys like Glen Beck to fill space and sell commercials and get that tiny fraction of the audience that watches or listens to those views. (Glen has been a ratings disaster.) KTRH uses Chris Baker and Joe Pags as personable conservative guys who like to gab. Intelligence and facts aren't required but having a view that corresponds to conservative businessmen driving around may gain more listeners in the Houston market.

When more people object to clownish arguments and views on the radio the clowns will go off the air. That may be happening as the radio audience diminishes and satellite radio and podcasts that offer a wider selection of alternative views takes its place.

It would be nice if someone in the Houston area picked up Ed Schultz and/or Thom Hartman but I may break down and go to recorded podcasts of their shows.

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