Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cheney attempting to start Iran war bypassing Bush

A respected DC insider reports that Cheney aides have been working the think tanks to prepare for a war with Iran, bypassing the path Bush is on using diplomacy with Condi Rice.

As three U.S. carriers enter the Persian Gulf yesterday tension ratchets up again. Off-the-record official U.S. briefings recently claimed Iran was behind the surge in violence in Iraq and was preparing more for this summer and the neo-cons are preparing the groundwork to justify a new war.

Iran is going to be a much much bigger blowback than Iraq. The Middle East and the GWOT is the way it is today because of blowback from our earlier Iran and Afghanistan policies. Interesting that the administration is trying to bring back the GWOT phrase after banishing it because it is useful for the simple-minded followers in the political arena.

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