Friday, May 11, 2007

Salon: Karl Rove's big election-fraud hoax

There are two ways to steal elections, control who votes or be in charge of counting the ballots with no way to audit the results. The GOP has been busy doing both.
Republicans do cherish their little practical jokes -- the leaflets in African-American neighborhoods warning that voters must pay outstanding traffic tickets before voting; the calls in Virginia in 2006 from the mythical "Virginia Election Commission" warning voters they would be arrested if they showed up at the polls. The best way to steal an election is the old-fashioned way: control who shows up. It's widely known that Republicans do better when the turnout is lighter, whiter, older and richer; minorities, young people and the poor are easy game for hoaxes and intimidation.

The latest and most elaborate of these jokes is the urban legend that American elections are rife with voter fraud, particularly in the kinds of poor and minority neighborhoods inhabited by Democrats.
Slate: The Zen of Gonzo

Alberto Gonzales has discovered a new way to be loyal - smile and amaze people with your forgetful stupidity. Instead of being a sacrifice for Karl Rove he just sacrifices his dignity.

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