Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Conservatives Aggressively Attack Contraception

Conservatives are massively organizing for the fight against "the root cause of abortion." Sex? No, they mean contraception.

The Pro-Life Action League hosted 250 people at a conference entitled Contraception Is Not The Answer, Chicago Tribune story here, forming a new alliance for the "sex for only married Americans in a proper Christian home." There already is an ever-expanding cast of ideologically motivated organizations. They believe that "contraception is the root cause of abortion," so contraception should be banned, something that fully 81% of Americans would disagree with. In fact, 73% of thinking Americans think contraception should be free for those who can't afford it. This is really about the most far out Protestant evangelical groups trying to form alliances with the hard-Catholics on another issue. Only after they near a ban on contraception will they go after sex itself - although reinstating the old anti-fornication laws is on the agenda. Some history of recent American sexual attitudes.

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