Friday, September 22, 2006

If you're single and your condom breaks...

BB finds herself in the hands of compassionate conservative misogynist doctors and Right Christian care providers. She wouldn't be needing condoms but her body isn't tolerating birth control pills and she can't be prescribed a diaphragm now. She already has three kids. Link by Jim.
Folks, the condom broke Friday night and I searched all weekend for someone who could prescribe me EC. It is now Monday and I have to report that I have been unable to find anyone who will write me a fucking prescription for EC. None of the hospitals in the surrounding counties would write it for me. I stopped my search at about 100 miles from my home because my telephone book wouldn't take me out any further than that.

I have been asked about my sexual practices. Whether I'm 'monogamous' or 'in a relationship' if I'm married, if I have kids, how many kids I have, if I was raped or 'traumatized' but there wasn’t' ONE question about my health. Not one. The few places that said that they had a doctor who would occasionally write prescriptions for EC told me that I had to ask for that doctor specifically and then they proceeded to tell me that I would be 'interviewed' to see if I meet that doctors 'criteria' and then they proceeded to ask me all the above questions before telling me that I should 'try anyway' and I 'might be able to talk him into it'.
Good news. Someone in the comments gave her a link to clinics that stocked Plan B and it was less than an hour and a half away. Emergency contraception providers by zip code. I am surprised that I live in an urban area and the nearest clinic they have is 22 miles away.

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