Saturday, September 30, 2006

George Allen's rampant racism: A long, sordid history

As I expected, many others have heard Sen. Allen speak the n-word and are coming forward. It is not only his use of that language but his total and unconvincing lies about it that are the issues. Here is the most detailed account, which includes fairly recent events, by journalist and former lobbyist and GOP operative Doug Thompson.
"You mark my words" Allen said. "Jesse Jackson can't win in Virginia. Hell, he's so far-out that even the niggers won't vote for him." (Jackson won.)

"I need your help and support," he said. "Virginia is an old-fashioned state with traditional ideas. Just because we've got a black face in the governor's mansion doesn't mean the niggers are taking over."

It was not unusual to hear racial slurs at gatherings of Republicans. Many GOP events are all-white. Allen, and others, would call Arabs "rag heads," Afro-Americans "niggers," and homosexuals "fags" or "queers" as part of their normal conversation. They would laugh at each other's racist jokes. When Allen and another well-known Senate Republican racist, Montana's Conrad Burns, got together the slurs would fly like confetti through the air.

There's an unspoken rule that if you want to continue to work in Washington you protect those in power and don't talk about their dirty little secrets. I no longer work there and am ashamed that I was involved with, and helped protect the secrets of, those who share such beliefs. Racism and homophobia run roughshod through the Republican Party and are among the reasons I got out of politics and returned to journalism.

Allen Monday issued a denial, claiming he has never used such slurs. "I don't ever remember ever using that word," Allen said in a carefully-staged photo op that included black pastors from the Richmond area. "That word was not a part of my vocabulary. It wasn't then. It hasn't been since then. And it is not now. It is not who I was and is not who I am."

He's a liar. Such words have long been part of Allen's vocabulary. He's used them often and I, and too many others, have heard him. I would swear to that under oath.
Doug Thompson expands on his long history in GOP politics, stupid politicians like Allen and reactions to his column.

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