Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Kinkyisms surface

Kinky is a more colorful libertarian Republican in a cowboy outfit.
"You folks know the Friedman family motto now: The Jews own the world. The Catholics run it. The Protestants work it, and the n-----s and Mexicans enjoy it, basically."

Ventura disagreed with Friedman on the Texan's vows to bring prayer and the Ten Commandments into public schools.

Friedman foresees Texas schools having a revolving prayer along the lines of "may the God of your choice bless you."

"But what if there is no God of your choice?" Ventura asked Monday.

"If there is no God," Friedman said, "the kids will find out sooner or later. But (for) the time being, let's let them believe in something."
UPDATE - My other Kinky post with the photo that is drawing the attention is further down today. Also, the media won't touch this Kinky quote but that is what you have blogs for, right? Kinky says he received a Negro blood transfusion and woke up with a bigger dick and on welfare.

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