Sunday, September 24, 2006

They hate us for our freedom - McCain's abomination bill edition

Hullabaloo sure documents the atrocities, doesn't it. You should read all the posts the last few days.

I have said before I am mostly a balance-of-powercrat. I believe that for the same reasons the Constitution is set up the way it is, you have to prevent unrestrained unchecked power. The McCain bill makes the President the only arbiter of what is done in secret prisons. There are words in there against some particularly repellent tortures. There are no enforcement procedures. More than that, all possible enforcement procedures are explicitly made illegal. This is a retroactive CYA bill that then proactively gives the President the future power to do whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, and removes Congressional and judicial overview.

I wonder who McCain as president would feel like torturing? Or Hillary?

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