Monday, September 25, 2006

Every single one of the top 20 House seats likely to flip is GOP

Independent Hotlines new campaign tracker doesn't show a House Democratic seat likely to flip. The Senate and Governor races are tougher, all of the top five likely to flip are Republicans but if the public is in the mode to throw all the rascals out....

If you go down to the top ten Senate seats flipping the Dems only net four, 7 - 3. On governors the Dems net two 6 - 4.

Interesting - if this is a slight change election the Dems pick up 5 Senate and 5 governors and it depends on how much they can run the table on the House seats. If it is a throw all of the rascals out election the Senate only goes 4 Dem (7-3) and the Governors split (6-4) but a bigger run of the table for the Dems in the House.

So, is this election dominated by a throw all the bums out or just throw the GOP out?

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