Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Nation - War Signals

The Nation is now also reporting alarming signs that an Iran strike is imminent. The Eisenhower will be in the Persian Gulf by October 21st. Missing from this report is what any military analyst would want to know - where are all the carriers? The Eisenhower is just one carrier group deploying to Iran. The Enterprise appears to be staying in the Persian Gulf, extending their deployment (!!!), and the Reagan (South China Sea) and the Lincoln (Philippines) are close by. The Kitty Hawk has just pulled into Japan for supplies and could be there by late October. The other carriers are in training or maintenance except for the Roosevelt which has been in Norfolk since March. They should want at least three carriers in position so keeping up with the Reagan, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kitty Hawk the next few weeks will show how close this is to a go. Some other military deployments to the surrounding countries would also be a confirmation. Late nights at command HQs, particularly logistics, is traditionally what spies look for.

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