Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's links from Jim - the affection and fashion police

It seems like some American Airlines flights have affection police, or at least gay kiss police. I think it is telling that the stewardess who almost had the flight diverted was wearing a Dallas bouffant hair style.

MSNBC must read Ann Althouse - ran entire segment on Bill Clinton showing a little leg. Ann Althouse's post on the interview turned into a fashion review which she defended in comments - as she defended her attacking an attractive women with breasts posing in a Clinton group picture.

That was it for Jim, I'll leave you with two thoughts of my own to think about.

Redistricting means that almost any fool can get to be a congressmen with a bit of money and rich friends. Has that has contributed to the decline in civic discourse and the increasing political atmosphere of idiocy?

How many of the leading Republicans on the Hill are rural rich Republican hicks? I don't have a real problem with hicks. I watched All the King's Men the other day. It retold a tale of populism with a strong demagogue leading the hicks to throw the rich bums taking money from Standard Oil and the Utility Companies out of office. But these hicks can be motivated either by economic issues or fear. Since they love the rich, the GOP has mobilized them by the fear of those people who are different - fear of the minorities and the gays and of those who aren't Christian or the right kind and of the decadent elites in the cities; or the big fears of those who might kill them or take away what they have.

All of the King's Men is so-so - a murky, not focused story of politics intertwined with some of the dark corrupt lives of the high class.

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