Saturday, September 23, 2006

E-voting macines make write-in candidate winners unlikely

A story on Sekula-Gibbs troubles.

Galveston county is also using a separate system so the e-slate instructions aren't useful or uniform across the district. The biggest problem on election day will be voters giving up on writing her name in frustration - it takes a long time with the circular dial and hitting accept after each letter.

Check out the rest of after you watch the ad - this weekend they recommend Fearless over All The King's Men. Many, many wonderful things in the archives and wandering around the site.

Also be sure to check out the Rolling Stone article on e-voting with a Texas connection:
Questions also arose in Texas in 2004. William Singer, an election programmer in Tarrant County, wrote the secretary of state's office after the vote to report that ES&S pressured officials to install unapproved software during the presidential primaries. "What I was expected to do in order to 'pull off' an election," Singer wrote, "was far beyond the kind of practices that I believe should be standard and accepted in the election industry." The company denies the charge, but in an e-mail this month, Singer elaborated that ES&S employees had pushed local election officials to pressure the secretary of state to accept "a software change at such a last minute there would be no choice, and effectively avoid certification."

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