Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Resolutions

Things sure have been quiet around here. This is mainly my schedule having been thrown off by a new job that sometimes causes me to get up at 5:45 AM and other times might have me working overnight. Both get my computer postings out of whack. The job fulfills my last year's New Year's Resolution although it took until late December.

At Amy's and Paul's News Year's Eve Party this year my resolution, which I both kept and traded away, was "Blog less, write more..." Because it was a party New Year's resolution I added "and more sex." Traditionally, all these party resolutions should have some connection to sex or "in bed" gets added to them.

This less blogging is coming true more than I had planned.

My resolution I picked up in trade, this was a party remember, was about not having more street-crossing incidents, unless I was wearing my high-heeled ruby red slippers then all bets were off.

Pasadena Pat's own resolution was to not call or refer to politicians as "satanic spawn." I asked if she had been doing that this past year and she replied not out loud and she wanted a resolution easy to keep.

In addition to less blogging but possibly more writing on this blog, I will keep the separate blogs I have here on Blogger but provide links to other posts more often.

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