Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things you didn't see reported about Princess Di's death

The US NSA was monitoring her conversations. This has now been officially dismissed as a wild rumor.

The driver of the car, Henri Paul, was getting paid by both the French Intelligence service and the UK secret service. Although he had a recent medical test showing no signs of alcoholism, he was over three times the legal limit and had other drugs in his system at the time of the accident.

Her car was possibly hit, very disputed, by one of the photographer's cars chasing them before it crashed. That car was repainted several days later. That photographer had worked for UK intel services. His body was found several years later in a burned out car.

The tunnel where she crashed had many security cameras. It is claimed they were either not working or pointed in the wrong directions at the time.

My current thinking - there is no evidence this was a planned murder but there was a cover-up because intelligence services don't like to reveal who works for them or what they do. The British royal family would not have liked the popular former princess marrying a Muslim Arab but there is no evidence extreme measures would be taken to prevent this.

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