Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have all the PUMAs Come Home?

Obama is now doing better among Democrats than McCain is doing among Republicans.

For a couple months there were constant media reports that the female Hillary supporters would not vote for Obama.

But see what has happened now that it is time to vote. After watching the old angry man in the debates and seeing his questionable judgement, and getting a look at Sarah Palin, the Pumas look like they've come home for the good of the country. This Obama finding is not reflected in just one poll but looking at the six that show support by party ID.

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Anonymous said...

My spousal unit and I didn't vote for Obama. She left the top spot blank and I voted for McKinney. We're still very angry at the sexism seen in our own party. Particularly some of the viciousness seen in some blogs like DK, TPM and the Democratic Underground as well a few of the Texas blogs.

Gary said...

There were some ignorant sex-related statements on both sides in DK and DU but TPM, the main sites and not the Cafe, was very factual. THere was a problem of accepting reality with her campaign and the way some people in her campaign tried to fight back when it was obvious they had no chance.

Gary said...

Except that it really doesn't matter in Texas, unless there are a Heckuva lot of Republicans also withholding their votes for McCain, that seems like voting for Nader in Florida to spite Gore and not caring you got Bush.

Anonymous said...

Chortle, Chuckle, Guffaw!! Ask a PUMA? Oh no, it's a much better plan to spread this around. Bambi might even hire you!