Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zimbabwe or Harris County Texas?

What place has local politicians from the ruling party getting local constables to disrupt opposition events? The answer is both.

Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman had fellow constables repeatedly disrupt a campaign event held in a county park. Hickman is the campaign treasurer of State Representative Patricia Harless and evidently felt he could use his authority to harass voters at her opponent Democratic Candidate for State Representative Chad Khan's event at Cypresswood Park.
This isn't the first time Hickman has been in the spotlight for questionable activities related to his association with Rep. Harless. Earlier this year, he was criticized for supporting early release and parole for Harless' brother, Donald Fincher. Fincher was convicted of killing a deputy constable while driving drunk.

"This behavior is typical of the questionable judgment exercised by Constable Hickman and his office. That a sitting State Representative like Patricia Harless would want to be associated with someone who threatens to arrest a mother for wearing a campaign tee shirt in a public park--in front of her two young children, no less--should cause voters to question her judgment. First, she asked the Constable to help get her brother out of prison, now she is having him try to suppress her opponent's campaign rallies," Khan said. "It makes one wonder what she and Constable Hickman will try next," he continued.
The conservatives can fill the airwaves about the "totalitarian socialism" of the Democratic Party but voters can see who is using the local law enforcement as their brown shirts to shut down free speech and political opposition.

A video is available at Texas Kaos.

Even conservative bloggers have had issues with Ron Hickman and there have been several investigations of the Precinct 4 constable's office recently. The fact that he let politics influence his requesting early release for a DUI who killed one of his officers says quite a bit about Hickman's character.

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