Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why Barack Obama is ahead in North Carolina

One of the most effective TV ads this campaign.

Bonus videos

Why you might be seeing Senator Al Franken. This is his opponent Sen. Coleman's press secretary:

How about another video?

McCain is down to his hard core supporters:

Have you ever been embarassed to be a white from the South before?

Andrew Sullivan has more:
The point of posting the video was to remind people why the McCain-Palin campaign allows speakers at its rallies to describe their opponent as Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, these people are not typical of all white people, or Obama would be at 15 percent in the polls. But the cultural resonance of the name matters. And McCain is certainly not above deploying it. That's the point.
McCain/Palin are certainly bringing out the crazies with their campaign now. Really, the Bush jackboots seemed much more cultured.

Asking Palin supporters if Obama is a terrorist. McCain/Palin are eagerly throwing the mud pies that attracts these supporters and spreads ignorance.

This may become a media issue - When even Fox News notices the Fascists and racists at the Republican rallies.

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