Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mike "Toxic" Jackson follies

I just had a post on Mike Jackson being bad for the environment. That must have hurt. His latest mail political ad is one half touting his (limited) environmental record. The other half claims he spends his time in Austin keeping criminals and sexual predators locked up and out of schools.

Maybe I shouldn't pick on Mike. He lives not that far from me in Shoreacres (pictures) which was hit worse than our neighborhood by the hurricane named after a real Republican. Shoreacres had 53 homes destroyed, 402 with major damage and 259 with minor damage or affected. Both Mike Jackson and challenger Joe Jaworski have been forced from their homes because of hurricane damage.

Rumors that after Mike Jackson skipped his scheduled debate opportunity he met with the Houston Chronicle editors... I almost visited the Chronicle Friday with some free time in downtown Houston. Instead I went by my old employer Macy's and picked up an interview shirt and tie at over 60% off. I still feel this is a sad store now and denotes the squeeze put on traditional city department stores by the economy the last thirty years.

I hope that Joe Jaworski made a better impression with the Chronicle editors than Mike. Joe impressed me with his talk about being a Democrat:
Over the years, we hear that Democrats have ‘lost’ the middle class and ‘lost’ the labor vote. But, we’re seeing evidence in what we read about the shameful disgust people feel with the way things are going, both in Washington and Austin. Over the last few years, the emphasis in government has been about a strong defense, moral values, and low taxes A lot of people might say we have none of the three. And, maybe that means it’s time for an honest discussion about what government is supposed to do, what the church is supposed to do, and what corporations do. And, we can talk about what government is doing.

People are willing to talk about that now. I’m a Democrat and proud to be one, but I am excited about appealing to a great, vast group of persuadables who are disappointed in the GOP leadership.

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