Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bay Area New Democrats President Steps Down

Houston Clear Lake Area Democrat steps down as Bay Area New Democrats club president to devote full time to political campaigns. The following is from John's email:
I will be stepping down as BAND President effective immediately.

As you might know I have been a consumer advocate for almost a decade, and quite frankly, we consumers are losing. We have lost in electricity deregulation, insurance deregulation, in college tuition deregulation, and especially in homebuilding issues. I have testified in many hearings in Austin on my own money and time, and I am tired of losing.

In order for the citizens of Texas to have a balance, Democrats must regain control of the House and I believe Sherrie Matula, candidate for District 129, has the opportunity to win and to help Democrats regain control.

Because of this, I will be resigning from BAND to dedicate my time to her campaign, so we can take back the House.

I truly appreciate everyone’s interest in BAND and I am sure our club will continue to prosper and make a difference in the Bay Area!

Let’s win in November!

John R. Cobarruvias
The membership in BAND has greatly expanded during John's term in office. Sherrie Matula, who is running in what was formerly a very solid Republican district, is now given a reasonable chance of winning.

John also blogs on politics for the Bay Area.

Recently, John was absolutely correct to note the 11 News report on the harm the Texas Supreme Court and local hard-right cold-hearted and greedy advocates are doing to workers in Texas. The Texas Supreme Court has been for sale for the last decade to the highest business bidder. Another friend of mine was so impressed she recorded the 11 News report and has been inviting friends to watch it.

Stepping down to play a bigger role for change. Good luck, John.

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Bay Area Houston said...

Thanks for blogging on this!

We have got to win! There just isn't another option.

Again, thanks. I appreciate it!