Saturday, May 10, 2008

Local Texas Elections Today

In many Texas communities go find your precinct and vote for some local issues and candidates if you didn't early vote. Local issues often hit your pocketbook and your quality of life. Taking it back begins at the local level in your neighborhood.

In Harris County go to for your voting location. I had to tell my parents it was not at their normal location.

My earlier Early Voting Political News Roundup is still valid except I decided I liked Phillip Hoot and John Black in La Porte.

I still like the San Jac College bond issue despite thinking they should give regular non-Senior Citizens a much bigger homestead exemption. The local high schools now have better science and vocational-technical facilities then some at the college campuses. Paying for better educational institutions raises your community quality and brings better jobs.

Some free voting advice. Don't vote for any race where you don't know a single fact about them. Try to know at least one candidate in races you vote in. In partisan races they provide a clue but don't count on it all the time. Don't use numerology or astrology to choose a candidate, unless you really believe in that stuff. Don't vote on a name or gender or what you think is their race if you know nothing about the person. You may be unpleasantly surprised. Start being a good citizen and get informed. My free advice and worth every penny.

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