Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Join The War On Greed

See how the buyout artists don't pay their fair share of taxes.
How is it possible for us to be entering a recession while buyout billionaires like Henry Kravis saved $96 million through tax loopholes in 2006 alone? That's just one buyout billionaire, in one year, making use of one loophole!

Buyout industry executives with multi-million dollar incomes have been amassing fortunes by exploiting a major tax loophole. Their tax privileges have robbed the public purse and placed the burden on working- and middle-class taxpayers.

Let Larry the Loophole explain it to you.
Robert Greenwald's new film and movement. He is also connected to A Dream Deferred movement. This seeks to provide undocumented students, kids, who have lived in the United States for years a way to become U.S. productive citizens.

Visit the A Dream Deferred blog.

Read about two of the students in Dallas about to be tossed out of the country after living here in Texas nearly all of their lives.

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