Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Politicians - liars and crooks

OK, I have referred before to the fact that Mr. Straight-Talk Express this year has become a repeated brazen liar. He is at it again with another lie to go with his many others.

Arianna Huffington in 2000 asked McCain and his wife who they voted for and they both said they didn't vote for Bush after the smears Bush's campaign ran against them. Now McCain is denying that conversation. More on this and McCain's recent history of brazen lies here.

One thing to keep in mind was that Arianna was once the darling of the Republican Party because she really believed all of that stuff about compassionate conservatism. It took her learning firsthand from the GOP leaders that it was all a ruse to get votes that she had enough of hypocrisy and left the Grand Oil Party.

The other crooked politician portion of this post has been deleted in the interests of Democratic party unity and to avoid dissing a possible vice presidential nominee when she is down.

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