Friday, May 30, 2008

Link Dump, some Democratic gossip

Pictures from the SD-11 Obama delegate meeting Wednesday. Best news - I am not on them.

The strong case for caucuses. Even Kos is leaning toward every state going to the Texas system.

Congressman Wexler: Scotty should testify under oath. My thought is why? He only says what anyone paying even a tiny bit of attention already knew. The fact that this seems news to people only shows the GOP propaganda domination of American media.

Rick Casey has some evidence of the back deals being made for the Texas State Convention. What Rick doesn't emphasize is that the Obama camp is doing everything possible to have a smooth convention and to minimize the hurt feelings of Clinton delegates on her loss. He also doesn't say that TDP Chairman Boyd Richie has been a known quiet supporter of Obama for many months. He is not being rewarded in a sudden backroom deal. Three, not brought out clearly in this column is that Roy LaVerne Brooks has no chance. Texas progressives opposed to Richey decided not to support her, they would rather see Boyd Richey continue as chair than her. Richey has greatly mended fences in the past year.

2008 Election Resource - Dave's Presidential Election and History Pages.

Bush as draft dodger - Camp Mabry tales from Mary Mapes' Truth and Duty. Mary Mapes explains how the Killian memos were confirmed as accurate.

Scott McClellan's current treatment by the Right Wing Noise Machine Media reminds me of the witch hunt of Dan Rather. Dan Rather had an explosive story against Bush and the RWNMM ignored the story and made it about him and one detail of the story - the memos. The right got the detail wrong, the memos were typewritten as proven by the unevenness of some letters. The right and their media enablers ignored all the other evidence that Bush would have been declared AWOL and sent to Vietnam in any other Guard outfit. But Bush's outfit was set up for family and friends of politicians. Those on the news shows from the 70's Ellington ANG unit were the ones who participated in the cover-up at the time.

It's all about baseball. The most statistically rigorous electoral college projection analyst outs himself. Chuck Todd, referred to in Nate Silver's headline, is the best of the news election analysts.

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To what extent is news coverage biased by the corporate interest of the parents?

Was Ferraro always this Archie Bunker stupid? Probably, which is why she has remained unnoticed in obscurity until Clinton needed her. Some of my favorite bloggers and email list moderators are ex-Republicans like John Cole.

Robert Gaylon Ross Sr. interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown - video.
The night before the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson met with Dallas tycoons, FBI moguls and organized crime kingpins - emerging from the conference to tell his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown that "those SOB's" would never embarrass him again. It's a jaw-dropping deposition and it's the biggest JFK smoking gun there is - despite the fact that it has received little media attention.
The Nation: Obama, Not Clinton, Leads in Popular Vote.

Daniel Brook: The only people leaping ahead in winner-take-all America are in the top 1 percent--and more specifically the top .1 and .01 percents.

Newest SurveyUSA - adding Edwards to ticket would provide big boost to Obama. I think it's the Appalachia vote - lower middle-class whites who mistrust a black man running things without one of their own as backup. It's amazing how Hillary has transformed herself into one of their own. USN&WR calls it the Jacksonian vote. Again, amazing that tossing back a few boilermakers can establish yourself as one of them. Also note the two corrections, had Michael Barone had a few when he wrote it?

Stuff God hates - blog.

Captain America Creator- Fighting On.

Glenn Greenwald on combating "the Right's notion that our elections should be decided based on petty personality-based themes -- euphemistically known as, justified and glorified as, "character issues." Decrying that principle while simultaneously subjecting the Right to it is not "hypocritical" or "contradictory" but, instead, is a means -- the only means -- for undermining it." "I object to that pig-headed lying fool calling me pig-headed" is defended as a necessary response. Oddly, I am leaning to that being true in politics.

"Hogwash. Hogwash! HOGWASH" - The McClatchy newspaper editors on the other media protestations that they are not enabling propagandists.

Politico still whoring for the right. CNN/MSNBC reporter: Corporate executives forced pro-Bush, pro-war narrative. Are you surprised?

How the Southern Baptist Convention became unAmerican. Heh, I seem to have something to offend all Bush supporters today. Might as well continue with how Christianity became unAmerican. An important history lesson about the hijacking of Christianity by some who never knew Jesus. A follow-up is needed on how Christian leaders sold out to become the state religion of a police-state Empire. Houston claims the distinction of having the largest church involved in the Right-Christian GOP alliance to institute Christ-centered, Christ-favored government.

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