Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Victory for Obama

Hoocoodanode, my new word of the year - means who could have predicted or known among all of the highly-paid big-ego experts that.... it is often offered by so-called-experts trying to explain their failures, that Hillary Clinton had no plausible pathway to get the Presidential nomination? Very few in the media were willing to write or say that she had no chance. After last night it is obvious even to them.

w00t! w00t! w00t! In North Carolina Obama by 14%. In Indiana Hillary wins by 1% unless provisional ballots change that. In any case, it is probably a one or two delegate win for Hillary there.

Hillary needed a close race in North Carolina and an easy victory in Indiana. She didn't get it despite this being the worst weeks of the Obama campaign and her campaign feeling that she was finally connecting and clicking on all cylinders. She also didn't win despite many hard core Republicans voting for her as part of Operation Chaos.

My only worry now is that the the race will be over before I can vote at the Texas Democratic Convention June 5th. I doubt it but I expect a quieter campaign and some movement on Florida and Michigan. "Given how far she's come and how little time there is to go, I can't imagine [Clinton] drops out before the last primary," says pollster and Democratic strategist Mark Mellman in Campaigns and Elections.

The Hillary campaign is running on loans and the results last night will bring sharp questioning from her financial backers. It should also continue her slide in super-delegates and more defections of those that had declared for her last year joining those switching to Obama.

The Clintons should be considering their roles in the party and in the 2008 election with Obama the nominee.

Of the election night coverage that I watched MSNBC was the best and Fox the worst with CNN still spending huge amounts of time playing with their fancy huge hand-operated monitor screen.

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