Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain's health - 35% chance of dying before 2010

Why the late Friday pre-holiday weekend dump of massive amounts of McCain health papers? This is the favorite time to bury bad news.

The McCain camp has been putting this moment off for months and constantly delaying it. Finally, the McCain campaign picked this morning — late Friday before Memorial Day weekend — to “show” the materials to a select few for a few hours, none of whom were able to even make a photocopy of a single page.

Buried in the reports is the fact that in 2000 McCain was operated on for invasive melanoma, what doctors call an "intermediate risk" melanoma. Other doctors say that 10-year survival rate for that type of melanoma based on the records is 65%. So, is an over one-third chance of dying in a first term acceptable odds for a President? Many doctors also suspect, based on the extensive removal of lymph nodes, McCain was really diagnosed with "high risk" melanoma with a much worse prognosis.

What’s more, according to the Carpetbagger Report, McCain’s psychiatric records are off-limits.

The New York Times, not invited to look at the records, says the doctors participating in a conference call minimized any health problems McCain is suffering from. His doctors and campaign staff say there is now less than a 10% of cancer return. This despite the fact that another melanoma occurred and was removed two years after the 2000 diagnosis.

There was no discussion of McCain's anger management problems which have been on display again with his responding to criticism from Obama.

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