Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Latest News Digest

East Harris county local candidates. Carol Christian, a great Houston Chronicle reporter who recently was given a new blog but not a pay increase, gives a round-up of the candidates you can vote on now. I might be leaning toward Phillip Hoot in La Porte but haven't decided. Dana Philibert has a new son.

Kinky scolds Texas Christians in the four questions.

Ron Paul favors Obama over McCain

Hollywood's top stars face devaluing of A-list currency - Chart

Texas GOP lawmaker runs afoul of DUI $1000 penalty he helped pass. He also couldn't vote right now under proposed GOP bills that require a photo ID. They confiscated his TDL. Thanks to friends in the TPA for the story.

My Fake Life - a satire on some recent New Yorker controversies.

Backlash develops against the bailout of greedy corporate financial firms.

AVG Free 8.0 has significant improvements. I find it better than the pay anti-virus programs.

All of my interests seem to come together in this story - Role-Playing Games, the Crusades, and Moonbat's Book on Daily Kos.

Articles you might have missed:

NYT: “You shouldn’t have to go live in a tent somewhere just because you don’t have insurance.”

Is the Evangelical Movement Splitting Apart?

The Nation: How the right wing smear machine works.

First Freedom First - support the American separation of church and state.

The Greater Harris County Democrats is not really a club but a PR campaign by a few of the Democrats listed. Nothing wrong with that now that the primary is over. They did spotlight a few Democrats of convenience.

Iraq was only a prelude to the horrors of an eventual war with Iran. Despite the exposure of the campaign of lies Israel and the US neocons were conducting to convince the world that Iran is building the bomb we are closer than ever to war. See the novel The Writing on the Wall.

A not very credible alien contact prophet has supposedly had some amazingly accurate predictions of the road to ruin the United States is following in foreign policy.

Foreign policy advisors behind the candidates.
Progressive Democrats do have reason to be disappointed with Obama’s foreign policy agenda. At the same time, as The Nation magazine noted, members of Obama’s foreign policy team are “more likely to stress ’soft power’ issues like human rights, global development and the dangers of failed states.” As a result, “Obama may be more open to challenging old Washington assumptions and crafting new approaches.”
Susan Jacoby on Bill Moyer - Don't call anybody but hillbillies folks.

Democrats take another solidly red district - this time in Louisiana's 6th congressional district. Ads tying the candidate to Obama may have backfired.

Despite Democratic bickering McCain is not pulling away.

NYT on economics: Bush had the only American expansion in history where the average worker lost income. 20,000 Jobs Lost in 4th Month of Decline. Krugman writes we’re in an economy with deteriorating employment and incomes, collapsing home prices, and business retrenchment. Is it also an economy in recession? Who cares? Retailers starting to go under - filing for bankruptcy.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Pam at Pandagon - Principal worried about PDAs outs closeted gay students.

Battlestar Galactica is not Mormon propaganda. If anything, it argues against Mormon beliefs.

All Economic Signs Point in the Wrong Direction.

Houston Press: All storm clouds have silver linings - some people profiting from Houston foreclosures. What aren't prisoners allowed to read in Texas. Would you believe Bob Dole makes the list? Another set of parents encounters Texas hospital's kill the nearly hopeless patients guidelines.

Alternet: A very good question: Why do parents with two jobs today have a poorer quality of life than a single working parent forty years ago? Book - Crunched: Why do I feel so squeezed? (And other unsolved economic mysteries) on sale at Why don't Americans rise up against the kleptocracy like they did in the late nineteenth century?

Secret service agents drag man out of meeting who questioned McCain's temperament about calling his wife a c&*t in front of reporters. (McCain's staff lies about the 1992 incident ignoring the reporters who were there.)
"A guy who would call his wife a trollop and a c--t just because she had ruffled his hair in front of five guys is not only a jerk, but a dangerous hothead if he ever gets his finger on the button," Parrish said Thursday evening.

"And since the mainstream media has decided to give McCain a free pass, I decided to stand up and, if they gave me an open mike, ask the question that the press refuses to touch," he explained. "Our country is in a serious crisis after nearly eight years of Bush, and America appears to be oblivious to the danger this guy (McCain) poses to our country," said Parrish.
I will ignore the many, many links I have to the outrages of the So-Called-Liberal-Media and the Republican Noise Machine, pretty much one and the same now, that occurred in the last month to end this at a not entirely unreasonable length.

Peace, avoid most mainstream news and work to make your neighborhood better.

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