Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Ketchup 3

Lets see if I can ever clear my desktop of shortcuts...

Democrats fear Clinton drag on downticket races. In very red areas, is she the worst possible candidate?

Cheney Youtube - Invading Iraq would create a quagmire. More from The Daily Show.

US Slipping in Life Expectancy Rankings

Reading right-wing blogs can make life very depressing - Sadly, No! Case in point - the idiotic Ace of Spades. I find Ace of Spades often has an inability to read, watch and interpret. He seems the right blogger ringleader on faux outrages. The junior college I am working at now attempts to teach students how to think clearly as many seem sadly lacking in reasoning skills. Is it too late for Ace?

RIP the most famous photographer you never heard of. RIP Truman and the atomic victims.

Wealthy buyers scramble for credit during mortgage crunch. Still in denial?
"This credit crunch is hitting harder than most people realize," said the man from Lehman Bros. "It's not just a subprime problem any more. You can put together a great deal…you still won't be able to get financing for it.

"But so far, only people in the financial industry are affected. And, let's be honest, none of us are really hurting. We made so much money in the last few years…we could all retire if we wanted to. And I don't think the crunch will last too much longer or go much deeper. There's just too much going on."
Cheney winning his Iran war goal - the designation of the elite units of the Iranian Army as terrorists sets up future attack. Taylor Marsh agrees.

Glenn Greenwald takes down my old friend Roger L. Simon who supports this President despite being pro-civil rights, gay rights and women's rights. Why? Because Roger thinks the Islamic horde is coming! It has been a bit sad watching a good writer in mental decline.

Economic snapshot - gale warnings.

Now the right has brought in the National Park Service to harass dissent and music festivals. Capital Hill Blue also notes some academic speech and writing is now unacceptable and The USA Unpatriotic Act. The NYT on the unacceptable writing.

Texans to Bush: Get off my lawn, don't build this wall!

Texas Job Application: Corporate Crony for Rick Perry.

Imagine, a conservative who likes liberty.

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers

I also can no longer defend Hugo Chavez. The BBC on Chavez.

A brief history:
Anti-War Person 2002: We shouldn't go to war.
Pro-War Person 2002: Saddam is bad. He has WMD. He'll attack us and allies. He supports terrorists.

Anti-War Person 2003: The UN says we shouldn't go to war.
Pro-War Person 2003: F@@@ the UN. Send in the troops.

Anti-War Person 2004: Where's the WMD?
Pro-War Person 2004: Saddam was bad. He supported terrorists.

Anti-War Person 2005: This is getting ugly.
Pro-War Person 2005: You support the terrorists!

Anti-War Person 2006: We should get out.
Pro-War Person 2006: We can't cut and run, coward.

Anti-War Person 2007: We should get out now.
Pro-War Person 2007: Whoa, wait a minute. You broke it, you bought it, pal.
Logically, we are entertainment for some guy in the future. More.

Watergate plumber: Nixon White House was complete breakdown of integrity.

Torching mosques in America.

A Giant Golfball for missile defense being repaired.

Rove as Gremlin. Don't feed him after dark.

Jose Padilla is Winston Smith.

God's Politics: Why Prosperous Costa Rica says NO to CAFTA. Christian University fires prof for becoming too liberal. Like that hasn't happened before. Yet another favorable encounter with "socialized medicine."

Huff Post: Mine Safety Czar Richard Stickler: Another Bush Fox Guarding the Henhouse.

More to come....

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