Friday, August 10, 2007

Bobby Kennedy was on the trail of those who killed his brother

Chasing Assassins by Matthew Stevenson - The Texas Observer

Kerry and Reagan and the JFK conspiracy discussion.
In 1967 Jim Garrison began investigating the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. Ochsner told a friend that he feared Garrison would order his arrest and the seizure of INCA's corporate records. Ed Butler took these records to California where William Frawley arranged for them to be hidden. Ronald Reagan, the governor of California refused all of Garrison's extradition requests. Frawley had previously helped fund Reagan's political campaigns in California....

I know for a fact that Kerry in the course of his Iran-Contra committee investigations asked hard questions of appropriate people about the events of 11/22/63. Further I spoke with his head aide on this subject and know that Kerry was firmly of the opinion that it was a conspiracy and when I spoke with his aide he suggested we talk outside, as the office is "obviously bugged".
Don't call it conspiracy - our national security apparatus brought Kennedy down. David Talbot:
I think there's such enduring fascination with this because it's still the biggest mystery in American political history. Americans know, in their hearts, that something very dark happened in Dallas, and they haven't been given the full truth. Polls consistently show that upwards of 75-80% of the American people don't believe the Warren report.

But people say, "Oh, we'll never know the truth. There are so many theories out there." But in truth, we know more than we think. And a respectable body of opinion by the best researchers has really coalesced around one theory of this crime, and it happens to be what Bobby Kennedy thought. He believed that the plot against JFK grew out of the CIA's shadowy operation against Fidel Castro. It was an operation that brought together the CIA, the Mafia and militant Cuban exiles. And that, I believe, is where the conspiracy came from.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations, which I think is the best governmental investigation into Dallas, also came to similar conclusions in the late 1970s. Anthony Summer, a very good Irish investigative journalist who worked for the BBC came to similar conclusions in his book, The Kennedy Conspiracy. Jeff Morley of the Washington Post, who I think is the best working journalist on this beat in America, is also looking in the same direction.
New research shows JFK bullet analysis fatally flawed.

The CIA killed JFK: Perhaps next time Americans vote for a President, they’ll ask for his or her connections to the CIA first.

I should read the new massive tome about how Oswald acted alone. Each time I read one of these books or see a documentary I find more evidence that he could not have. In a few years when it goes for a few dollars maybe.


Howling Latina said...

The CIA and Mafia were involved but not in the way you think.

Here's my theory based on the fact that every Democratic president and every Republican president (who have never agreed on any one thing, 100 percent of the time) have all agreed not to do business with Fidel Castro.

As you know, the CIA tried to kill Castro; and yes, Bobby was involved as the order came indirectly (but directly) from him.

So Castro found out about it and used Lee Harvey Oswald to knock off Kennedy.

I've been to the bookstore and one thing that really struck me is why Oswald shot Kennedy AFTER he turned the corner since he had a much clearer shot when he was directly right in front of him.

It has been reported that Johnson was totally hysterical that they might tie Kennedy's death to Castro and lead to World War III.

Internally though, if Bobby had put an indirect contract on Castro and there was a record, which apparently many people in the CIA knew about it, as well as those in power in Russia, then they could hardly go to the U.S.S.R. and demand they be allowed to remove Castro who was under the umbrella protection of the Soviets.

Thus, there has to be a cover-up, which remains to this date.

Think about it. What grave sin did Castro commit that the U.S. cannot talk with him? They talk to China; they've talked with North Korea. What makes Castro such a horrible tyrant that he cannot be engaged, ever???

And with recent rumors of Castro's death, the U.S. was making sanguine plans for an after-Castro Cuba.


All of the sudden the island nation is going to change the leopard spots on its coats??

No. It's because the man responsible for killing Kennedy would then be out of the picture.

Oswald lived in Russia; he was seen outside the Cuban embassy in Mexico. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II all concurred that there would NEVER ben any negotiations with Castro .


Gary said...

No, the one thing that is obvious is that it was a setup to look like a Cuba or Soviet hit. No one who has looked at the evidence, including Soviet files, believes that.

Your argument was how LBJ persuaded Earl Warren to lead the whitewash commission, however. If he didn't prove that Cuba and Russia were not involved it would lead to WW3.