Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bush preparing to start Iranian War

I believe the real headline could be Bush/Cheney prepare to start World War 3.
US bombers and long range missiles are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours.

US ground, air and marine forces already in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan can devastate Iranian forces, the regime and the state at short notice.

Some form of low level US and possibly UK military action as well as armed popular resistance appear underway inside the Iranian provinces or ethnic areas of the Azeri, Balujistan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan. Iran was unable to prevent sabotage of its offshore-to-shore crude oil pipelines in 2005.

Nuclear weapons are ready, but most unlikely, to be used by the US, the UK and Israel. The human, political and environmental effects would be devastating, while their military value is limited.

Israel is determined to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons yet has the conventional military capability only to wound Iran’s WMD programmes.

Reuters: The US UN Ambassador warns of World War 3 over Middle East turmoil

Front Page UK Guardian: Bush threatens to confront Iran over alleged support for Iraqi insurgents

UK Times: Bush raises the stakes over Iran bomb with warning of 'holocaust'

BBC: Bush warns Iran over insurgent support

A Reminder, Hersh: CIA Analysis Finds No Firm Evidence Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons

Iran Slams US-India Nuke Deal

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