Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big Ketchup - Part 2

Naked Protest - 600 bare all on a melting glacier.

If the US declares an arm of the Iranian state a terrorist organisation (and under the Bush doctrine, those who harbour terrorists are as guilty of terrorism as the terrorists themselves) what chance does Washington have of prising influential Iranian opinion away from the belief that the bomb is the best insurance policy against outside attack?
Bye, bye Baghdad - a self-confessed overpaid contractor has become zombiefied in the lost war in Iraq.

The Portrait House for Humanity.

Should President Obama Stack the Supreme Court?

Another call for an Islamic Reformation - NYT Magazine - The Politics of God.

In local politics, I still think this is odd, New Pasadena City Council majority defunds mayor's Executive Assistant position. This is an example for our Democratic Congress - purse strings equals power.

In local weather - our house was four inches from flooding. Pasadena floods from Erin.

Are you a real liberal? Get working.

On Iraq. CNN - Iraqi interpreter: 'Now I have no future'

On Nuclear War. The Atlantic: Why America’s growing nuclear supremacy may make war with China more likely. Our increasingly accurate and powerful weapons almost seem designed for a first strike.

Now that's a conspiracy theory. MajestyTwelve: UFO reports are a government plan to confuse the public, like the fake moon landings, as they prepare the New World Order. Your only defense is to join an armed militia group.

LAT - Ronald Brownstein: GOP moderates and mavericks face poor prospects in 2008 election.
Centrist Democrats aren't immune to these trends.... This difference is rooted in the fact that the Democrats today are much more of a coalition party than the Republicans: Polls show that only about half of Democratic voters consider themselves liberals, while three-fourths or more of Republicans call themselves conservatives. That means to win elections, Democrats depend more than Republicans on the votes of moderates -- which compels them to accept more dissent from party orthodoxy.
Russia, China and allies play war game. Play out how to counter the U.S. in central Asia.

Jamison Foser: Mass media relies on misleading anecdotes, refuses to correct errors. The Padilla case illustrates the mass media failures.

The Texas Observer: Eating Local Isn’t Always the Greenest Option.

David Sirota: How to End the War. Make the GOP decide between protecting our borders or occupying Iraq.

On Blue Dogs and Bush Dogs.

The new pentagon supported Christian homoerotic art.

The Chavez's - GOP fundraising as a family business. They seemed to mainly provide for their affluent lifestyle, with little toward their causes.

WP - How the Fight for Vast New Spying Powers Was Won. Dems were played and folded.

Bush, Congress could collide on Iran - will Dems stand up?

WP: Obama's Rise was a Series of Fortunate Events

Utah mine had warnings and 'bumps' early this year.

Guantánamo man's family release 'torture' dossier. Detailed timeline of US supervised torture.

Rove's Effort to Promote the President and His Allies Using Tax Dollars Was Unprecedented in Its Reach

'The Argument' by Matt Bai. How progressives should ally with WalMart and free traders and how the new left is all (only?) about aggressive tactics. WTF? The NDN and DLC will love this book.

Reaction - Lots of BS. A simple lack of fact-checking. Even before it was hard to take Matt seriously. Yet again in June. The labor blog:
I could address the problems with this argument -- e.g., the complete absence of any discussion of power or unions -- but I have a simpler solution. I'm sure the New York Times could find a very smart writer in India or China who could crank out the same argument for one fifth the salary. Maybe then the Matt Bai's of this world would spend less time showing how clever they are in saying "Wal-Mart's not to blame" and more time talking about how we fight our way out of this hole. And if not, at least I'd save a little money on my Times subscription.
NYT Eight American NCO's in Iraq:
To believe that Americans, with an occupying force that long ago outlived its reluctant welcome, can win over a recalcitrant local population and win this counterinsurgency is far-fetched.
NYT - After Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill From the I.R.S.

Conservatives now discuss how to win in Iraq - by leaving.

Greenwald on The truth behind the Pollack-O'Hanlon trip to Iraq. Recently he takes on the "Democratic" foreign policy establishment and the use of the labels Pacifist and Imperialist.

KPFT dissent, Texas style. Some very odd Chron reporting as they struggle to avoid admitting that KPFT is the only liberal news radio outlet in Houston. Update.

Family values?

Impeach Perry. (This reminds me of some old hippy bringing out his buttons - Impeach LBJ, Impeach Nixon, Impeach Ford, Impeach Clinton, Impeach Bush....)

Idiotic writer suing over bad reviews. Stuart Pivar! You’re a crackpot! This is similar to another $1 billion threat involving a "literary agent" vulture. There are other vultures out there for writers. Writers Beware. Yew Gotta Larf - poetry(?) contest. The Castration of Sam McGee.

FoxNews wants war with Iran - video.

When staying alive means going bankrupt - America's health insurance system scam.

I have much more to go on this series as I keep getting distracted and mixing in more current stuff.

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