Friday, August 10, 2007

Hillary: the Sane Republican Choice?

Andrew Sullivan makes this argument that he notes other leading conservative media are also making - Hillary is OK. There is some evidence that the GOP base has already moved beyond that as the Democratic Obama is running ahead of McCain in a poll of Iowa Republicans.

Meanwhile, John Edwards gets bolder.

Rolling Stone: John Edwards - The Real Liberal.

Added - my brother reminds me I haven't posted anything lately on how bad Rudy is. I am thinking that will get out, there are enough reporters in New York he can't pull a Dubya. I am more convinced that the GOP will designate Romney as their sacrificial lamb this year and please the Mormons, who are probably their most loyal constituents. There are several things about that religion which makes it a breeding ground for authoritarians. I have many other links my brother has sent me. Maybe some day.... Eric Alterman thinks that prickly Rudy and his dysfunctional family might be the most entertaining president, until Rudy goes postal and started bombing some country.

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