Friday, August 24, 2007

Michigan State University

The rantings of this MSU graduate seem apt for most, but not all, MSU campus housing units. Holmes Hall was a classy dorm. That came from being primarily a liberal arts science college*. But we had a song:
Moon over Akers, a shot in the dark, drunks in the hallway, addicts on a lark....
Akers was the large dorm complex across from us. MSU went after National Merit finalists in a very big way when I was there in an attempt to raise the caliber of their students. I heard they lost a large part of the budget used to do that later. Interesting college town of East Lansing, beautiful large campus, and Animal House students, with a few notable exceptions.

*WTF is a liberal arts science college? It had lofty ideals of making well-rounded scientists and engineers. That was changing when I was there when word was spreading that Lyman Briggs, the college based in Holmes Hall, had the nation's highest acceptence rates into Medical School of its graduates.

I was not in Lyman Briggs college except for pre-registration. I spoke with the Dean during class registration and said I liked Social Science classes much better than Science classes. He drove me over to change my registration. I was a typical idiotic freshman. My dorm residence stayed the same.

Lyman Briggs had a great paperback SF library that I expanded with donations a bit when I left. Would have been more but I knew a perpetual grad student who gave me $10 for my big box full. Briggs also had a great SF writer's workshop program - Clarion, in the summers until this year.

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