Monday, August 27, 2007

Short Update

Gonzo finally goes to bed - Bush is ticked off. Even his most creepy allies say 'good riddance.' When even a main stream media (CBS News/Newsweek/Washington Post) legal analyst says things like the following it is well past time to go:
By any reasonable standard, the Gonzales Era at the Justice Department is void of almost all redemptive qualities. He brought shame and disgrace to the Department because of his lack of independent judgment on some of the most vital legal issues of our time. And he brought chaos and confusion to the Department because of his lack of respectable leadership over a cabinet-level department among the most important in the nation.
The Texas State Democratic Party had its quarterly meeting and seems to have done very little. The two hour general meeting included a long skit and no new business and appeared to not recognize speakers from the floor. This is from an email from John McConnell via Carl Whitmarsh on the USDemocrat-TX-Houston Yahoo group. The Texas Democrats need to get their act together and become a Democratic Party not an insider party. Of course, Boyd has a new public ass kisser.

ADDED: What happens now about Gonzo?

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't know why anyone takes John seriously. All John is about is being a grumpy old man who complains about the rules, since TDP rules are SURELY going to help build the party. Even this one time in San Antonio, lawyers even told him the correct interpretation of the law and HE STILL said they were all wrong. Like I mentioned to someone, five experts will tell him the sky is blue and YET he will say they're wrong. All his comments are really worthless.

There was a number of business items done in the committees of the party which some people view. Also, the TDP Staff has done some amazing work in the last months to get ready for 2008. You can see one of these major accomplishments is by bringing Texas Democrats together via their website and posting hundreds of events across the state. And, if everything depended on the SDEC, they would have to meet almost every week to get the business completed, which I know none of them will.