Friday, August 10, 2007

In the Event of a WMD Attack Our Librarians will be sent in

In the event of disaster Harris County has already planned for our first line of defense - our librarians. A recent notice has some librarians concerned. In the event of an emergency they will work 12 hour shifts as assigned in the county providing information to residents. There was a stipulation that if a riot occurred at their assigned location police will take over for them.

Personally, I believe the county has received warning of a possible future zombie outbreak and believes that librarians are most prepared to shush panicked crowds and provide guidance on preparations on how to handle the living dead.

In other local news:

Nueces County Christian camp counselors are facing charges of tieing a 15-year-old girl to a van and dragging her after she was unable to keep up. I think their motto was "We make sure your kids don't get left behind, but we make no promises about all of her skin."

Thieves are stealing toilets, lawnmowers, and a George Foreman Grill in Montgomery County. I think I would look in the trailers out by Cut and Shoot.

Our eight weeks of moonsoon with rain every day seem officially over and we have moved into the August permanent high. The heat index may be over 108 degrees for this weekend and hit 100 real degrees F. Two lanes of the West Loop Freeway are closed after buckling from the heat. Hot news, folks in parts of Harris County can't drink the water without boiling it first.

Our local Taliban trial delayed. Our Christian Talibani continue dumbing down Texas and refusing to hold funerals for homosexuals.

I have been to busy lately to do much blogging - I even really had planned to be elsewhere now instead of giving you a Texas local news roundup.

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Gary said...

I have been informed that our county librarians will not be assigned to giving out information but to administering medicines or whatever duties are needed.