Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Ketchup - Part 1

I have just been posting very interesting stuff on the desktop and it is time to clean up!

The White House was using the Commerce, Treasury and other departments to boost GOP campaigns. Your tax dollars at work.

POLITICAL MELTDOWN IN IRAQ - Iran wins. Not that I haven't been saying that for years.

THE OSTRICH PAPERS: It Will Take ALL Decent Citizens to Save America - David Brin. How to have civil conversations with conservatives about what the GOP is doing and how to get back to the rule of law.

Profane Minutemen kill illegal on video. Isn't that like, very illegal? (If not a fake.)

Run on banks starting in California. Mortgages collapsing leading to bank bankruptcy worries.

Conservative betrayed. Major GOP figures set up website to warn against Bush and many GOP candidates like Thompson. A little late.

Krugman - Workouts, not bailouts. Will the fed rescue financiers after ignoring hard-working Americans?

Declaring Iranian Republican Guards terrorists makes no sense, except as an excuse to attack Iran.

Warren Buffett makes the pitch for Obama while also endorsing Hillary.

Get Digital Inspiration suggests Robert Nagle the Houston technical writer.

I tried out the Pappa John's Internet pizza ordering site. At the very end it tells you they will send an email as a confirmation. I get no email. No call. I have lots of other calls and stuff I'm doing. Finally over an hour later we get a call saying your pizzas have been ready for an hour. She had called when they were done and someone was on the phone and it rolled over to our voicemail. She has no idea why it says they are supposed to email, maybe it was when the site was new.

Oops, I got called in to work. To be continued...


Anonymous said...

At a business lecture I once touted "internet pizza" as a future trend. Actually though, the real innovation came not at the consumer's side but the restaurant's side. They store phone numbers so they don't get confused about delivery.

About the Minuteman murder. I posted information about it on Wikipedia page about Minuteman. (The southern poverty law center wrote up a page about it ). Some of the details don't make sense though, so skepticism is warranted.

Gary said...

I am also somewhat skeptical. I've added an indication of that.

Anonymous said...

Update: Minuteman confirmed that members made it and that it was a fake (made as a political message). Frankly, I'm relieved.