Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheney urging military strikes on Iran

The Penguin of Death has a new heart and needs new blood.

Raw Story: Fears of war with Iran grow as PR campaign heats up again.

Fear & Ignorance leaves the American People Vulnerable -
A smaller-scale "punitive" raid on Quds bases in Iran would almost certainly be acceptable to the American public. After all, the United States has launched such raids repeatedly over the years, all over the world, under Democrats and Republicans, with widespread public support. From Reagan's bold strike on Moamar Gadafy's two-year-old daughter to Bill Clinton's brave destruction of a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan (not to mention his continual bombardment of Iraq throughout his term) to Bush's noble bombing of refugees in Somalia this year, the American people have always stood ready to applaud (or ignore) quick punches at countries with which they are not at war. (We're leaving out here the larger-scale "incursions" and "pre-dawn vertical insertions" like Panama, Somalia (in the "Black Hawk Down" days), Grenada, Haiti, etc. – all of which were pretty acceptable too, come to think of it. As was the aggression in Iraq, of course, in its early days.)
How did America get in this awful shape where virtually unchecked tyrants curtail liberties and push war? - FEAR and The Politics of Heaven.

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