Saturday, August 04, 2007

Liberal News - from the real liberal media

A collection of news links from new media.

Citizen News Sites are fastest growing. - Crowd Covered Media. NowPublic- Politics. Digg - Politics. Liberal BuzzFlash.

Test scores improvements slow under No Child Left Behind, gauged by states/federal assessment. From EurekAlert - breaking science news.

Mike Gravel's Non-Profit national citizen referendum center. From Mother Jones. Allow citizens to make laws through popular votes, the next step in federal government?

Medical and Insurance lobbyists deny the truth about Medical bankruptcy crisis. From TPM Cafe.

IFC Indy Media Sex Series concludes tonight. From IFC news.

BBC documents - Commonwealth rigged elections in Nigeria, the right-wing coup attempt in America in 1933 - BBC radio new document series.

Was the bridge collapse simply part of the tax-cut death toll? Are Republicans deliberately defunding American infrastructure. Collapsing Bridges vs. War in Iraq. From and and Consortium News.

Conservatives react to proposal to stack the Supreme Court under an Obama/Clinton/Edwards/Richardson administration. - Easter Lemming Liberal News.

Democrats cave to President on National Security wiretapping after Bush administration "didn't move the goal post; they moved the stadium." If you call abroad the NSA will listen in. From Talking Points Memo. "I Have No Words.... for the FISA expansion the Senate gave the president, except to say that we now have someone vastly more powerful than a king running the country." - The Agonist.

Can one Republican reporter bring down a Democratic Presidential candidate? John Solomon is trying to find out. From

Pedro Gonzalez's Family Demands Answers from Pasadena Texas Police (audio). (Photos of protest.) The police reported he had died in his cell. A witness comes forward, isn't that the guy I saw police kicking and beating while offering no resistance and called 9/11 about? Meanwhile, protests grow about the racist town of Jena. Six black teens facing 60 years for responding to racism. Houston Indy Media and Democracy Now.

Pakistani Protests against Obama; Clinton leaves Nukes on the Table; Tancredo an Inspiration to the Criminally Insane that They, Too, Could run for President - Juan Cole

Hillary Clinton disappointing, or not, at Yearly Kos Blogger Convention. First reports from bloggers coming in now.

Rudy Giuliani is running for DittoHead-in-Chief. - Digby's Hullabaloo.

Iraqi Maliki Government, with mounting resignations, may be on last legs. -

California decertifies major e-voting machines after they badly fail security tests. The credit crunch has arrived - no new junk bonds last week, mortgages and credit rules tightening, businesses and individuals will be less able to borrow money, recession likely. - Daily Kos.

UPDATE: Unions are turning to audio podcasts of general news for workers and their families.

Cindy Sheehan: The other war..... On

MSM vs. Bloggers - Internet forcing reporters to respond. -

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