Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The CIA - Legacy of Ashes

The Yale fraternity club, the CIA, has been an astonishingly badly run and incompetent agency almost from the beginning. They were good at right-wing coups that did not advance our national interest but little else. The CIA graduates were often our secret government that has making our country worse for decades - IMHO. The last few decades they have been good for big secret intelligence contracts for friends of the families. Legacy of Ashes, available on sale at Amazon, explores The Firm.
Is the Central Intelligence Agency a bulwark of freedom against dangerous foes, or a malevolent conspiracy to spread American imperialism? A little of both, according to this absorbing study, but, the author concludes, it is mainly a reservoir of incompetence and delusions that serves no one's interests well. Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times correspondent Weiner musters extensive archival research and interviews with top-ranking insiders, including former CIA chiefs Richard Helms and Stansfield Turner, to present the agency's saga as an exercise in trying to change the world without bothering to understand it.
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