Sunday, February 24, 2008

Holy Sh**!

Paul Burka conversion:
Barack Obama's personality and his message are dominating politics nationwide. The last candidate to stir this kind of feeling was Ronald Reagan in 1980 and before him Bobby Kennedy in 1968. Veteran political observers like me can roll our eyes over someone running for president on a platform of "Hope" and "Change," but nothing is so powerful as an idea, even a vague one, whose time has come. Obama is riding the whirlwind, and if he can make the moment last until November, it is going to sweep out the Republicans, even in Texas. These numbers are so overwhelming, and the fifteen counties have such a large fraction of the state's registered voters -- 7,815,906 of 12,607,466, or 62% -- that what happens in other 239 counties is unlikely to alter the trend. These numbers have made me a believer. Rick Noriega could defeat John Cornyn. The Democrats can win a majority in the Texas House of Representatives. The consummate irony is that George W. Bush, who made Texas a Republican state on his way in to the presidency, may make it a Democratic state on his way out.
Wow, just the other day I had a post, and comment, criticizing Paul Burka's coverage of the Democratic debate.

Viva Obama! A lot of interesting posts because of things happening this week, this month - you do read them all - right? Burka's assimilation into the Obama Borg collective and his prediction that Democrats can take back Texas is the unexpected topping. Experienced Houston Chronicle political columnist Rick Casey has also just already called the Texas primary election - for Obama.

Vote early, We are going to have enough work on our hands the fourth for the less smart people who don't. Just come back at 7 PM to caucus.

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