Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've pointed out before

Most of the right-wing chicken-hawks don't know anything about the military or war but scream like their personal privates are on fire upon any criticism of our glorious leader and his military commanders and the men at war.

The mighty fighting Keyboard Kommandos have put down their G.I. Joe dolls and sprung into action yet again defending the purity and strength combat readiness of the modern G.I.s after Obama related what an Army captain told him about the lack of men and equipment in Afghanistan. I like pointing to former Republicans like John Cole for some of these rebuttals. We are all getting tired of this stuff.

I just made a comment on a righty blogger site, oops - this other comment here, asking if smears and gossip and rumors are the only thing keeping the easily gullible the right wing base pulling the R lever since Clinton? I shouldn't pick on her, she is actually one of the more sensible. Didn't even get into her buying into, yet again, the latest "the terrorists are going to kill us unless the Democrats give the President right now exactly what he wants." The true facts are here. I just pointed out the big lies about Kerry, the Clintons and Obama some of her commenters credulously believe. Most of the GOP in Texas want to take on Obama, there isn't a risk they might somehow get Clinton and think his inexperience will be key. I would prefer he have 4-6 more years of seasoning but sometimes Great Communicators arise and sweep all before them.

I am glad Pelosi had the balls, figuratively, to go on vacation, unlike Reid and Rockerfeller who sold theirs to the phone companies. Reid especially should be condemned for showing more respect and deference to Republicans than to fellow Democrats in pushing another civil liberties ending/corporate handout like the current FISA bill through the Senate.

I keep wondering about Hillary Clinton as the next Senate Majority Leader. Would she be any better than Reid? I think Hillary might be best as either just a Senator or VP or President. She would be tough on the war on terror, which is good, but too large corporation favoring, which is bad, but immeasurably better than McCain.

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