Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Updates

I was going to do a post about past McCain scandals but a new one has broken out. Note that this looks a lot like how he met and married his present wife while his first wife was in the hospital. There are concerns about the NYT reporting being raised, it looks to me that a lot has been cut out that they couldn't confirm. The NY Times ran with the story, which they have been working on for months and Romney knew it, to beat this story in The New Republic. John McCain owes the NYT a big Thank You, they could have killed his campaign in December when they first had the story and they still today discarded reports about the affair. The story has united the right media behind McCain versus the bad New York Times.

Turning elsewhere. In contrast to the lies you may recieve in emails, here is a video about Obama's early life from his half-sister.

Turnout is running 4 to 10 times four years ago for the Democratic primary. Not so for the Republicans.

Waller County tried to hinder voting for it's black university students, as usual. This is the result.

I strongly urge most people to vote early and come back for the caucus. If you have any kind of problem with your voter registration you have days to get it resolved. Most people are denied the right to vote because they show up at the wrong precinct. Are you sure you know where your precinct voting location will be election day? Most have been combined for the primary sometimes in some unexpected ways. In early voting you can show up anywhere in Harris County. Check for more details on locations and times.

Sign wars, hot and very heavy. In Pasadena, the leaders for Congressional Dristrict 22 are Talton and Sekula Gibbs. Some surprise that with all the money he had saved up ex-Mayor Manlove is not more visible in that ten-person GOP race.

60 Minutes buries critical D0J story about political prosecution of Democrats, opposite the Oscars.

Gitmo lawyers told there will be no one acquited, make sure of that.

Hillary or Obama? - Texas too close to call but I strongly suspect Obama will take more delegates. My conservative Democrat father said he voted for Hillary and doesn't like the "black guy." My Republican step mother says she also voted for Hillary and not for McCain.

UPDATE - McCain's relationships with lobbyists. This was the main thrust of the NYT article as it only reported rumors of a romantic McCain relationship with a lobbyist.

Listening to the radio today I am reminded of attack poodles.

It is hard for green Democrats to go wrong this year with either candidate, although some issues raise flags. Obama might have a slight edge as he might be better for down ticket Democrats in more states. (Although personally, here in Texas underlying racism perhaps seems to have some conservatives who will vote for Clinton and not Obama based on a few conversations I've had.)

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