Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One of our new corporate business models

Don't shoplift but be accused of it and have to pay legal bills. The WSJ has a report of a Home Depot store customer mistakenly being accused of shop lifting. He showed them the receipt for the previously bought drill bits ($8) but soon received dunning letters for $3,000, later $6,000, from a legal collection agency.

State legislators have encouraged, and in some cases required, stores to file suit against all customers accused of shoplifting and theft.

I worked in retail. This will become another little profit center like third-party, almost worthless, extended warranties.

I had quit going for Home Depot after a credit card scam by some of their employees hit my credit card for almost $1,000 and then later Home Depot's sponsorship of anti-global warming campaigns. Lowe's is a bit better. Hell, even WalMart is getting better with their improving health care and drug programs.

Link from Atrios.

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