Friday, February 22, 2008

I Lambast Burka

I lay into the eccentric Paul Burka from Texas Monthly. I'll also post my comment here for the record.
Paul Burka seems a little out of touch and biased but this has been going on for a number of years. He has written some excellent long articles in Texas Monthly recently but when he reveals opinions perhaps closer to his true self in this blog....

I am thinking specifically of his misjudging Bush and Kinky and now his uneven judging of this debate. His blog title is correct, Paul Burka is right and left and is swerving on down the road missing the sign posts.

Obama won the debate and is the front-runner. He likes Hillary and knows most Democrats also like her and doesn't want to alienate her supporters. Hillary is the policy wonk, like her husband, but is surrounded by bad advisers and doesn't have the overall judgment that Obama keeps displaying.

Obama is short on policy specifics but that is not really the president's job, look at every Republican president. The real job is inspiring people and guiding, not digging deep in the details which will change as the policy gets hashed out and compromised with Congress. A president needs to be a better judge of people and must be stronger on rhetoric and judgment than details - look at Reagan. Obama is ahead on that front.

Hillary is an excellent candidate and person despite the almost 20-year now insanity and propaganda of the right. She is just up against another great communicator.

Texas was clearly for Hillary weeks ago. The way things are going I am not sure she will win the majority of the votes and it is impossible for her to win the majority of the Texas delegates now - both because of the way the primary votes are allocated by senate district and the enthusiasm of supporters need[ed] to take the convention delegates.
I hope that last sentence doesn't come back and bite me. This is politics and anything can happen.

I am doing better on the election clerk front. Now I have three, or perhaps two and a half, and may get my last one needed soon.

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