Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Watch Out For Spring Break, Democrats

If no decision is reached by a week after Texas votes, March 4, there is a six-week stretch with no primaries. Mississippi votes March 11 and then six empty weeks. Will Dean persuade Florida and Michigan to vote again legally to fill the gap?

If I was Howard Dean I would have one objective, making sure that the Florida and Michigan super-delegates, the leaders of the party in those states who thought they could ignore the rules, do not get seated. The Democratic voters should not be punished, the state party leaders should be.

What will the pundits do with their air time if there is no voting?

Can the Democratic selection be wrapped up before the Spring Break? That is possible with a Hillary Clinton loss. Right now it looks like Obama takes Texas even in the primary even if she is ahead in the polls. And the polls are showing an Obama surge in Texas. Texas and Ohio were supposed to be her firewalls.

Would Hillary make a better VP or Senate Majority Leader?

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